Hot tubs require proper care and maintenance to continue operating as intended. Without regular servicing, your tub may become a breeding ground for bacteria and harmful minerals. These issues are easily prevented with an annual inspection of your hot tub.

Remove Buildup and Dirt

The first step in servicing your tub is the removal of buildup caused by dirt and bacteria. A layer of bacteria referred to as biofilm can develop on the surface of the tub as well as in the pipes. The presence of biofilm often results in dirty water and mechanical failure. It can also contain harmful bacteria such as E-Coli and Legionella.

Service technicians flush the tub to remove biofilm and other build up. Avoiding the use of lotions or soaps before entering the tub can help prevent this growth from occurring in the first place.

Inspect and Clean the Filters

Filters help remove dirt and debris from the water, ensuring a clean hot tub experience. As these filters become clogged, the risk of damage to other components increases. A dirty filter may lead to clogs in the plumbing and the jets.

Most filters need replacing after two years of use. Hot tub service includes the inspection and cleaning of filters. A service technician helps determine if the filters need replacing or if a cleaning solution can clear away the dirt and grime.

Maintain Key Hot Tub Components

Technicians thoroughly empty, clean, rinse, and vacuum the hot tub. All components are checked for signs of leaks, scale buildup, and normal wear and tear.

The shell, pumps, jets, and plumbing are inspected and maintained. When one part fails, other components may become less efficient or stop working altogether. Technicians inspect these parts and measure their performance.

Examine the Water Balance of the Tub

After cleaning and inspecting all parts of the tub, technicians fill the hot tub, apply necessary chemical treatments, and check the water balance. Service professionals may also apply an oxidiser treatment to help eliminate odours and maintain clear water.

Increase the Service Life of Your Tub

Regular maintenance helps increase the service life of appliances. Faulty parts can cause damage to other system components, eventually leading to the need for major repairs. Replacing or fixing small kinks ensures optimal performance and prevents additional damage to the appliance.

If you want to get the most out of your hot tub, schedule an annual service inspection. Buildup is removed and filters are cleaned. Components get checked for performance and signs of wear and tear. These steps help ensure a longer life for your hot tub and a healthier environment for you and your guests.

Technicians can also offer tub owners advice on maintaining their hot tub. This includes advice for monitoring the water balance, checking the filters, and avoiding common hot tub mechanical issues.

Most tubs require an annual inspection to maintain the warranty. While this is a good reason to schedule hot tub servicing, maintenance also protects the tub from issues that may require costly repairs. Save money and protect your health with an inspection of your tub.

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