Summers are the time when people maximize their use of air conditioning systems. They will either use the air conditioner for longer periods of time or will merely reduce the temperature. But whatever, way it is air conditioning will become a focus area.

So let’s say the summer has set and you have installed climatisation GNR Corbus Panasonic in your home. How do you increase the efficiency of this air conditioner? Here are a few best practices that you can follow to maximize the performance of your air conditioning system.

Stay Set At One Temperature

Many people are in the habit of fiddling around with the thermostat constantly increasing or reducing the temperature. The recommended temperatures are 78 degrees. But when no one else is at home they will go and increase the temperature. Or they will go and reduce the temperate below 78 hoping to cool the house faster. However, this does not help. So rather than fiddling with the thermostat leave it alone and the AC will perform better.

Pull the Curtains

Using natural light will reduce your lighting cost. But lighting also produces heat which can affect the temperature indoors. So keeping direct sunlight out of the room can help improve the efficiency of the AC.

Use Fans

Yeah you read that right, use fans. Once the room is cool enough you can just turn off the AC and instead turn on the fan. The fan will circulate the cool air in the room and maintain the temperature. It will also cost less in terms of energy consumption.

Use Exhaust for Hot Air

If the room has accumulated some hot air then it is important to get it out because it can diminish the cooling that your AC will create. A good way to do that is to just use an exhaust fan which will throw out all the hot air from the room.

Use Dehumidifiers

At times the heat that you feel is not because of the rising temperatures but because of the rising humidity in the atmosphere. Using dehumidifiers can help you get rid of these excess humidity and improve the cooling from AC.

Keep Your AC Unit Out of the Sun

You should avoid exposing your AC units to the direct sun because the heat of the direct sun can impact the cooling capabilities of your AC.

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