Heating and cooling systems need yearly servicing, and time and often, you will need to spend on repairs. No wonder, having the number of a reliable and experienced HVAC company can come handy in such times. In this post, we will talk about ways to find good local services, along with questions that you need to ask.

Make a shortlist

When it comes to finding home improvement and related services, references are still handy. You can talk to your neighbors and friends, to know the HVAC services they have used and rely on. Just in case you are new in the city, a better idea is to check online. There are many sites for listings, and most of the known services have their HVAC websites will all relevant details for contact. Check the reviews from other customers and make a shortlist of around four to five services.


Questions to ask-

  1. Are you licensed?

Work involving HVAC systems can be risky, and you need a company that has the papers in place. Licenses are must in most states of the US, but there are false services around that just gather and sell contracts to other services for a commission. Make sure that the company has a physical address.

  1. Are you insured?

Another relevant question in this regard. Workers and servicemen working on the job may damage your property and cause further losses, and you need to know the extent of liability of the concerned service. Also, their workers should have insured and should be bonded on the job. In case of a major work accident, you don’t want to pay the medical bills, after all.

  1. Will you offer an estimate? If yes, how?

Today, most HVAC companies offer an estimate and promise free review of the work. However, the whole process of deciding an estimate is harder than you think. It’s best that a company sends their sale estimators and engineers to check the work and decide the final quote. Beware of services that offer estimates on phone.

  1. Do you have a service guarantee?

Let’s assume that you are not happy with the work. Will the company refund your money or redo the HVAC repair work again for no extra cost? Professional names like All Hours Air HVAC Services ensure that the customers have the best support in this regard, which kind of adds an element of confidence.

Lastly, do check if the company can offer emergency services!

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